Foolproof Cash Security

Foolproof cash security

The C4Ever kiosk functions as a trusted consumer order-taking device. By transmitting each order to a budtender, who fulfills the request in real time, C4Ever eliminates the potential for cash diversion while speeding transactions. Learn more about cash security.

Streamlined Cash Management

Streamlined cash management

C4Ever kiosks eliminate major cash-management concerns by accurately counting every bill and determining its value, checking for counterfeit currency and returning exact change. C4Ever also provides real-time Web reporting. Learn more about cash management.

Full Government Compliance

Full government compliance

C4Ever’s cash security measures provide mandated accountability. C4EverSystems guarantees to meet any future state or governmental guidelines for the distribution of medical or recreational cannabis. Learn more about compliance.

Enhanced Consumer Experiences

Enhanced consumer experiences

The C4Ever consumer experiences increased efficiency by ordering from stand alone tablets, POS stations with a budtender or the POS integrated kiosk, allowing multiple ordering points while accepting all cash payments at the kiosk through a high speed bill recycler that gives immediate and accurate change.  Learn more about consumer experience.

Our Vision For The Future

Our vision for the future

C4EverSystems seeks to foster the legitimization and success of the cannabis industry. Because cash will play a major role in the industry, we are dedicated to solving present and future cash-management challenges with our core technology. As banking regulations ease, we will offer dynamic solutions for credit and debit card processing.  Learn more about our vision.