Cash Management Page

Cash Management

Handling cash poses a problem for business owners and employees even when no criminal intent exists.

Human error can distort a transaction. Badly!  Fatigue, limited math skills and carefully staged diversions by individuals or groups can lead to consumers paying less than the established retail price or receiving too much change.

Reconciling revenue at the end of each day also poses a problem. Ask four people to count $5,000. They’ll almost always arrive at conflicting totals and there may be less cash than before they counted it.

C4Ever eliminates these cash-management concerns. Kiosks accurately:

• Count every bill and determine its value
• Check for counterfeit currency
• Give exact change

Cash Management Screenshot

Just as important, C4Ever provides real-time, Web-accessible reporting.

Suppliers and dispensary owners enjoy superior cash management with up-to-the-moment cash transaction information and an accurate revenue figure at the end of each day.

You will know exactly how much money was taken in and you know where it is at all times.

“Cannabis is not a public safety hazard, but large piles of hard to track cash certainly is.  From a business management, security, and insurance standpoint, cash management is a crucial element of any serious business.”