Cash Security Page

Cash Security

Theft of cash in retail environments can be astronomical—but it can be stopped.

Businesses that store large amounts of cash and cannabis face increased risks, including failure.
Theft is rampant. But it can be prevented.

C4Ever keeps cash where it belongs—in the possession of the businesses that earn it. The C4Ever kiosk functions as a trusted consumer order-taking device. By transmitting each order to a budtender, who fulfills the request in real time, C4Ever eliminates the potential for cash diversion. It also streamlines transactions by:

• Accepting payment
• Accurately counting the cash
• Checking for counterfeit currency
• Providing exact change
• Making all transactions immediately visible to management

The moment currency leaves a consumer’s hand, it’s locked, secured and accounted for. C4Ever eliminates drawer shortages and backed-out or evaporated transactions.

Thieves cannot get in

C4Ever kiosks feature secure construction and are bolted to the floor.  The cash box is imbedded in a tamper-evident case, locked by key and difficult to access even with power tools. And C4Ever offers additional security options:

• GPS tracking
• Cash stain tamper systems
• Machine-tilt deactivation systems
• Remote changable and combination unlock sequences

A C4Ever Kiosk visible in a store sends a clear signal to move on. Cash entering a C4Ever kiosk is cash in the bank.

“Theft—both by consumers and employees—costs American retailers more than $33 billion per year. Entire retail chains have gone out of business due to their inability to control losses from theft.”, July 17, 2007