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Consumer Experience

Consumers enjoy a faster, more meaningful interaction.

The C4Ever consumer experience increases appeal and competitiveness with a Streamlined Transaction Process. Orders can be placed at the kiosk, a budtender station or on an integrated order pad and the consumer simply accepts the order and pays. This streamlines the transaction process and allows staff to focus on consumer needs and not counting cash and making change.

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Integrated strain-effects database: The industry’s most advanced strain-effects database empowers consumers to shop current inventory for the strain that best meets their needs.

High-resolution touch screen: The simple, color-coded user interface guides the consumer through the ordering process. When an order is placed by a staff member at a POS station, or entered by a consumer at the kiosk or integrated order pad, the consumer simply accepts the order at the kiosk and pays.

Integrated camera: Both buyers and sellers enjoy enhanced security with every transaction captured by an integrated high-resolution camera.

High-capacity cash recycler: Consumers can use any bill from $1 to $100 and have them instantly accepted. The recycler distributes bills collected from previous orders and always gives correct change. High-volume stores can add an additional cash recycler.

ADA-compliant keyboard: Because some consumers prefer to use a keyboard, one is provided for their convenience.

Thermal receipt printer: On order completion, a customized barcoded receipt is printed and supplied as proof of fulfillment of the transaction. The receipt contains the consumer’s anonymous unique ID number that can be used in place of the anonymous biometric reader if preferred (details below).

Integrated credit/debit card/driver’s license swipe: PCI compliant credit/debit card and driver’s license swipe: Where available, consumers can conveniently make purchases with credit or debit cards. Patients can obtain purchase verification with the swipe of a driver’s license.

Online ordering capability: Depending on POS integration partner, consumers can order online and then pay in the store.

Optional anonymous biometrics: Patients can participate in rewards programs through simple, accurate and anonymous tracking of their purchase history.

C4Ever makes purchasing marijuana another of life’s pleasures.

“Automating cash management eliminates human error and makes any business more efficient and profitable.”