Government Compliance Page

Government Compliance

The cannabis industry faces regulations and scrutiny unlike any industry before it.

With recreational and medical cannabis recognized in 20 states and D.C., government agencies demand safeguarding and properly accounting for tax revenue. C4Ever’s ability to count, counterfeit check and secure every consumer dollar provides mandated accountability.

In fact, the C4Ever cash management systems meets compliance needs with a level of transparency unmatched in the industry and will adapt to new regulations as they are enacted. Systems are PCI, HIPAA and ADA compliant.

Government Compliant Systems

C4Ever also enables dispensaries to meet government limitations on consumer purchases.

Optional BioMetric technology deployed across a state can eliminate cross-store shopping and black-market diversion.

The patented anonymous biometric reader captures a unique signature. It cannot be duplicated but has no relation to specific consumer identification information. It eliminates the need for a driver’s license or other personally identifying information.

Consumer purchase history can be tracked and consumers rewarded without risking incrimination.

Moreover, C4EverSystems guarantees to meet any future state or governmental guidelines for the distribution of medical or recreational cannabis.

“Every successful seller or dispensary has to take government regulation into account. C4Ever makes compliance a whole lot easier to achieve."