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C4EverSystems seeks to foster the legitimization and success of the cannabis industry. Cash will play a major role in the industry even with the easing of banking regulations. We are dedicated to solving present and future cash-management challenges with our core technology. It has successfully processed and tracked hundreds of millions in cash and credit transactions for heavily regulated industries. We intend to be the leader in licensing and customizing this crucial technology to fully anticipate and meet the cannabis industry’s complex needs.

As banking regulations ease, we will expand into credit and debit card processing, providing 100% chargeback, fraud protection and competitive fees. C4EverSystems will leverage our experience to become the leader in cash transportation and logistics, securing cash until it is deposited in client accounts or converted to pre-paid debit cards.

“ArcView estimates that the country's legalized cannabis market, valued at $1.53 billion last year, could grow to $2.57 billion this year and reach $10.2 billion over the next five years as other states join Colorado and Washington in legalizing recreational marijuana use.”